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Sorrento Coast villas

Sorrento Coast Luxury villas for rent

Are you ready to get your next Luxury villa in Sorrente ? Dolcevita Villas has selected a large range of luxury properties to deliver you the best holidays ever. So, let's check out right now our luxury villas and get the chance to spend your next beautiful holidays in Sorrente.

Sorrente also called the « mermaids island » is situated in the bay of Naples in Italy. This part has everything to offer you during your next vacation. Well-located, all our luxury villas are comfortable to feel « at home ». With a personnalized service to answer perfectly your wishes, your stay is going to be unforgettable.

Share unique moments with your family and your friends discovering Sorrente and its surroundings. Between cultural visits, relaxation, tastings and events, you will be amazed by the area. You could go to the cliffs of Sorrente to have a 360 panoramic view and take pictures of the most outstanding view, walk into the original streets which symbolize the bay or go into one of the limoncello shop to try this fantastic liquor with lemon touch.
As in each part of Italy, enjoy buying fresh food in one of the open-market and take the time to have a coffee in the historical center.
You could also get a day-cruise trip to have a look around,do water sports or just relax and forget your daily life.

Let's have a break, take a fresh air and forget your daily life with Dolcevita villas and its exclusive collection of Luxury villas in Sorrente.