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Aegean East Sea Villas

Aegean East Sea Luxury Villas Rentals

If you think that it is difficult to get amazing holidays, Dolce Vita Villas is going to change your mind with its Luxury Villas situated in the East of the Aegean Sea especially selected to get you the best vacation ever.

When we talk about the Aegean Sea, most of people do not know that there is a place which defines perfectly what the paradise is. As Dolce Vita Villas cares about your needs, it has in its portfolio, amazing Luxury Villas rentals to give you the opportunity to go there for your future holidays.

The East coast of the Aegean Sea is the destination to spend unforgettable moments. Imagine, walking in the old mediaeval Town of Rhodes, one of the best preserved in the worldwide and which is listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Discover the past of this area with its ancient statues, its marble crests, its fountains and obviously, the Street of the Knights whithout forgetting the Colossus taking part as one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world. There are so many things to do and to see that your stay would be intense but do not be worry, you will have all the time to take a break. Dolce Vita Villas will be with you all your stay long to offer a high quality personalized service according to your expectations.Between two excursions, let's enjoy one of the beaches : Kiotari, Kallithea, Agathi, Apolakkia, Kolymbia will definitely fulfill and sublimate your eyes thanks to their landscapes and their crystal-clear water .

Samos called the Pythagoras' island is famous for its fishing villages. If you are curious to see old ruins go to Heraio, the most interesting archeological site of Samos. For those who prefer discovering the nature, walk towards the Mount kerki, the highest peak of the island and take a picture of the overview.

During your stay, do not hesitate to book with our experts some excursions such as a boat trip to see the islands around, take a lesson of golf (the Aegean Sea is famous for having the best golf's spots), try to surf on the Greek's waves or practise one of the water sports to make your vacation memorable.

At Dolce Vita Villas, our philosophy is to give you the best choice of Luxury Villas to make your holidays dream come true . Let's start dreaming for real...