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Italy - Northern Italy Villas

Northern Italy Luxury Villas Rentals

The Northern Italy province is the biggest one gathering all famous italian cities which symbolize perfectly the entire italian lifestyle. The countryside of Northern Italy plays host to some of the finest and most luxurious holiday villas of the country that is why Dolce Vita Villas has decided to put in its portfolio the best Luxury villas of this incredible destination to show you the treasures of Italy.

The areas of Lake Como and the Veneto region contain country houses of great sophistication with high-standing all selected with attention by Dolce Vita Villas to offer its faithful guests the best.

The Luxury Villas belonging to Dolce Vita Villas are amongst the favourite for holiday rentals, small wonder that the great and the good, from billionaires to cinema stars, enjoy what the Luxury Villas have to offer, a unique mix of comfort, tradition, history, modern luxury and convenience.

Lake Como Villas are unique, as each village along its shores is unique. Although Bellagio is probably the best known where the Rockefeller Foundation is situated, village in the central section of the favoured western shore between Isola Comacina and San Siro are very special keeping their own identity and offering a full range of cultural, leisure and sports activities.
Luxury Villas in Lake Como are however the real testament to its enduring attraction, and the area is to be enjoyed at its very best with Lake Como rentals. The excellence of the area's diet and the unrivaled beauty of the landscapes are irresistible, so much that many visitors end up staying.

Padoue, cultural city of Italy is also the best way for you to spend a unique experience visiting the Basilica Saint-Antoine, the magnificient Scrovegni chapel or its botanic garden dating of the XVIIth century listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.
Finally you will be amazed by the Laggo Maggiore and the Lac des Cordes which will offer you breathtaking views.
Discover or re-discover the city in a new way with Dolce Vita Villas and its Luxury Villas.

If you have always dreamt about personalized holidays on the north in Italy, let our Dolce Vita Villas team create your private package...

Lake District Como Villas

Lake District Como Villas

Lake District Como villas for rent The fabled Lake Como was always a favoured vacation destination with its perfect climate, great views and a fabulous selection of villas to rent.
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Veneto Villas

Veneto Villas

Veneto villas for rent The Veneto region is blessed with rental villas of high architectural quality. The countryside surrounding Venice and Padua boasts Palladian villas and others for use as holiday properties, many featuring swimming pools and other modern amenities.
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