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A medieval village in the province of Viterbo


If you have booked one of our villas for rent in Viterbo, in the heart of Lazio, you should visit Calcata, a small medieval village, beautiful and surreal.

Located just 45 km from Viterbo, Calcata is considered one of the most enchanting landscapes of Lazio, built on a tuff mountain located in the middle of the Treja valley.

Calcata was formerly populated in prehistoric times and during the pre-Roman period by the falisca civilization, of which there are many remains such as the ruins of the city of Narce and the Necropolis of Pizzo Piede. Along the path which leads to the tombs, you can also see a huge monolith.

During the thirteenth century, thanks to the possession of territories by the noble family of Anguillara, the town wall and the baronial castle were built in Calcata, adorned with the characteristic Ghibelline Tower.

After a period of depopulation in the early twentieth century, caused by the frequent collapses of the fragile tuff cliff which earned it the handle of "dying town", Calcata was repopulated in the Sixties thanks to intellectuals, artists and artisans from all around the world who chose it as a refuge from the consumer society.

You can also visit the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus, dating from the fourteenth century; the Treja Valley Park, a protected area of Lazio that can be visited on foot or on horseback; and the original Museum of art in nature, an itinerary of outdoors contemporary art where the 40 works are made with the natural wood’s material.

Calcata has been also the set of many scenes of Italian movies and the village itself mentioned in the novel The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by José Saramago.

If you want to visit this beautiful village of Lazio, look at the proposal of villas for rent in Viterbo by Dolce Vita Villas and discover the Italian province!